Oar Repairs

Sleeve and handle replacement

Replacing worn parts such as sleeves and handles can greatly improve how an older oar rows through the water and feels in the hands. These are all considered wear parts by the oar manufacturers and as such the parts are readily available and are easy to replace.

We can replace and pitch new sleeves on Croker, Concept 2, and other brands.

New handles can be fitted to all types, and older oars can usually (with some exceptions) be modified to newer adjustable styles. We are also able to replace the glued on blue soft grip material on Croker sweep oar handles.

It is even possible in many circumstances to replace an entire blade so that you can retain a perfectly good oar shaft (and keep a matching set of oars!).

Blade repair and refinishing

Being the most ’sticky out bit’ of most boats, the blades get a lot of punishment from impacts and even from the day in day out wear on the dock surface.

Worn corners can be rebuilt, large dents on edges can be repaired, and flat wear spots on the back of the blade can be built up.

We can also do copper tips on older style oars!

There is no need for a valuable set of oars to sit idle because they look tatty and crews always avoid them.

This topic has been covered in-depth on the blog: https://theflyingboatman.co.uk/oar-repairs/