Bulkhead Patches


Bulkhead patches for boat buoyancy



Small bulkhead patches machined from 1mm carbon fibre sheet.

Fit to seal the small semi-circular cut outs in hull bulkheads when retrofitting buoyancy* to older boats built before the 2007 FISA/World Rowing buoyancy rules.

*Note that other work is required to most boats, including fitting of round deck hatches, and sealing of drainage holes and old coxbox wiring holes.

Designed around a 54mm diameter bulkhead hole, the parts have a diameter of 74mm. The curvature on the bottom is based on an average shape in an Empacher 8.

Should suit most late 90s and early 2000s Empachers, and many Filippi hulls.

Bond in place after cleaning/preparation with a quality marine PU sealant (Sika products?) or a two part acrylic structural adhesive (methacrylate).

Quantity needed will vary depending on boat, location of a section join, coxbox wiring, etc. An eight will need between 14 to 17 parts. A four will need 6-8 parts.

Fitting advice available upon request and written instructions are being edited.