Boat Light Mounts
– bow & stern mounts for lights.

A simple and elegant solution to the age old problem of how to neatly mount lights to your racing rowing boat.

Bow mount uses race number slot. Stern mount fixes to deck with a suction cup. Both come with safety lanyards in case of any accident or knock.

Use any light of your choice. The 25mm/1 inch tube is compatible with most bicycle lights. Note: lights are not included.

Made from lightweight carbon fibre.

Bow – £15
Stern – £15
Pair – £30
Purchase online via our partners at WEROW
Email directly to purchase

Special Edition – timber veneered mounts, to suit a Carl Douglas Racing Shells boat. Because we can and because you want to. Can be made to match the timber of your boat.

£50 a pair.
Email directly to purchase – webshop under construction


Camera Mount – Race Number Slot Edition

A bow light mount modified to carry a camera tripod ball mount. Attach any lightweight camera to the front of your boat. Will also allow use of light at same time.

Email directly to purchase – webshop under construction


In Development

*tall camera or light mount (above cox type)

*Stroke coach mounts