Rigging Courses

The Flying Boatman will come to the aid of your club by visiting and presenting a short course in rigging.

Written from the perspective of a Captain, Boatman, and coach of novices, this course aims to be more practical and accessible for rowers and coaches of all levels. Some courses are presented heavy on theory looking down from the viewpoint of the Elite Coach, but an afternoon with The Flying Boatman will give you the practical hands on skills and – most importantly – the confidence to tackle most jobs on your boat fleet.

  • learn the basics of bolts
  • hands on with the tools
  • understand the mechanics of a boat
  • examine the geometry and physics
  • apply theory to real life examples

This course will help improve the rigging of your boat, as well as help with the long term maintenance and longevity of your club fleet.

Prior knowledge:
Should know how to row. Understanding which end of the screwdriver is the ‘dangerous’ end a bonus, but not essential.
3-5 hours, with some reading beforehand
At your boathouse, with your boats to hand.
£70 per head
+ travel time if located more than 1 hour drive from our base

Blade Refinishing and Painting

Minor repairs to blades are often needed after an accident or due to years of use on tough docks. Edges and tips can be rebuilt to the original shape.

Blades can be painted in club colours using your choice of paint systems. We can also arrange trophy oars for gifts and keepsakes.


Regatta Service Course

The Flying Boatman fills the gap between boat builder and club coach. Most clubs bring a small selection of spares to a regatta, but do you have something like spare steel cable for your rudder? Perhaps something simple like new grips for some sculls or some spare seat wheels? Traveling international crews might not bring rigging tools, or the one person who knows how to use them.

The Flying Boatman will aim for special events like Henley Masters.

Minor boat repairs

We can do minor repairs at your boathouse. Sometimes you have some small damage that prevents you from using your boat, but at the same time is not really cost-effective to send off to the boat builder or one of the larger boat repair shops. If your club doesn’t have a boatman or keen handyman this can be a big issue.

We are also willing to tackle small jobs on timber veneer Carl Douglas Racing Shells boats.