Webshop about to open

After a lot of work behind the scenes we hope to soon be managing our own webshop. This will make sales much easier to coordinate.

There are also a couple of new products that we hope will be a great help to many of you!

2 thoughts on “Webshop about to open

  1. Dear Flying Boatman
    I follow you on Twitter and love the things that you produce and repair and I have a question for you which I tried to send via Twitter but as I don’t appear to have received a reply I guess it did not work which is not unusual as I am crap at all this computer rubbish.
    My question is – I sometimes bring home the odd set of scull to repaint but have problems with masking tape, when I pull it off a little paint comes off with it. I noticed the spoons you did with a union flag and wonder if you could please let me know what tape you use ??
    Stay safe and with kind regards
    Jimmy Pigden President AKRC
    ps I love the little mount idea for handing blades on the wall – so simple but great idea.

    1. Jimmy,
      I’ve sent you an email directly with some details.

      Low-tack masking tape and a few technique tips.

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